Authenticity 100% Guaranteed For Every Piece We Sell! 

Get real designer pieces every time you shop with PH Luxury Consignment

We know how frustrating it can be for buyers when they purchase counterfeit luxury items, and how it can ruin the way you think of a business. For years, we’ve sourced designer items from around the globe, now that we’ve expanded our business into consignment, we want to be sure that we continue to sell only the best of the best. Whether our items are brand new still in the box, or preloved, we take care to ensure that they are fully authenticated and a true designer piece. 


How We Guarantee Authenticity 

Experts: Our team of authentication experts knows what to look for and how to tell the difference between a good fake, and the real deal. Each of our team members has in-depth knowledge of specific designers and knows what to look for and how to spot a fake. 

Process: Our rigorous authentication process starts long before an item is listed on the PH Luxury Consignment website. We check (and then re-check) both the external and internal design elements of each item. . 

Manufactures: Our experts know what manufacturer standards must be met for a real designer piece. We look to see if the stitching, hardware, material, and craftsmanship are in line with the standards of the brand and their manufacturer. 

Research: We believe you can never be too careful which is why PH Luxury Consignment goes above and beyond to cross-reference authenticity stamps, date codes, and serial numbers when applicable. 

What If It’s A Fake? 

We take pride in never posting fakes to our website. If PH Luxury Consignment discovers during our authentication process that it’s not a real designer item we send it back to the original seller immediately. 

What Makes PH Luxury Consignment So Confident?
We use innovative technology that allows us to see magnified images of the items, giving us all the visual clues we need to decipher the real from the counterfeit. We believe in our system so strongly that we offer a money-back guarantee if the item turns out to be a counterfeit… although that hasn’t happened yet!